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Improve your written work
with our editorial services


Bluboot knows that one of the best way to maximize the selling power of your book is make it appealing. Therefore, we will provide you with a well- written, perfectly formatted manuscript that meets global publication standards.

Our editors and subject experts will review your manuscript using a detailed checklist

Checks for grammar, punctuation, and accurate language use
Consistent style & terminology
Checks spelling, and catching common spelling mistakes
Words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong context
100% quality guaranteed
Editing by expert editors
Journal formatting
Line Editing

One of our editor will review your manuscript line by line, for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Our editor will address grammatical issues, correct the structure of complex sentences, language use, clarity like wise enhancing the quality of your work to make it more readable.

Content Editing

Is crucial for manuscripts that requires reconstruction or rewording of sentences. This will help to ensure that the author’s work is edited to the highest possible standard. This formal assessment will attend to spelling, punctuation, grammar sentence structure, word usage and consistency.

Advanced Editing

This service is perfect for manuscript that needs the attention of an expert that will go beyond correcting grammatical errors. Our highly skilled expert will examine the whole content of your book including the storyline, momentum and the style.