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For it is written in the scrolls, that The Stairs of Enchantment will only appear once every dynasty. If the chosen ethnarchic doesn’t walk up on the stairs before the eclipse of the sun and the moon, ignites and open the eyes of the seven battle angles. Who are gifted with the seven elements of destruction: They will rejoin the God of Broken Heart in battle once more.

The dynast will have to fight to save the heart of his or her true love from The God of Broken Hearts, that has ruled the world of the darkness for centuries.

If the God of Broken Hearts should walk upon on the stairs of Enchantment before the chosen one, he will destroy a whole generation of lovers forever. The power of the stairs can restore the broken hearts but only if the person that sits upon it find his or her true love.

Take the challenge and walk up the stairs, enchant your readers with your glorious whisper.
This package is perfect for authors whom want to walk on to the world stairs with their book.